Solution Integration Limited – Testimonials

Primary Wool Cooperative Limited
Primary Wool Cooperative Limited is New Zealand’s largest 100% farmer-owned wool cooperative and dates back to 1974.

With around 1,000 members and statutory obligations as an issuer of shares under the Cooperative Companies Act, we have a unique set of legal and administrative obligations.

Solution Integration act as the Secretary to the cooperative. In this role they perform all administrative functions, maintain our share register, manage communication with existing and new members, calculate and pay annual member rebates, maintain our website, as well as look after all day to day, periodic and annual accounting functions.

Alan and the friendly and efficient team at SIL provide vital support, direction and wise counsel to the Board and perform their responsibilities in a professional, efficient and cost-effective way.

I totally recommend them.

Bay. de Lautour
Primary Wool Cooperative

Alan and the team at Solution Integration Limited have been providing outsourced business administration and management support to Umajin since June 2007. We don't maintain any accounting functions in-house but outsource all of these to SIL and it has been a decision I have never regretted. Alan is effectively our outsourced CFO which means Umajin gains all the benefits of an experienced senior CFO that would be hard to justify as an in-house resource. This level of experience has enabled Umajin to establish an international presence, manage foreign exchange risk and establish relationships with banking partners, auditors and other professionals that could not be achieved without the level of experience and seniority that Alan brings.

The past few years have been a time of unprecedented change and growth in our business and it has been great to be able to confidently delegate these responsibilities knowing that they will be performed accurately, efficiently and on time.

This growth has seen us doubling our staff numbers in a year and SIL ensures our increasing payroll obligations are managed smoothly. We have legal, taxation, payroll and bank accounts in New Zealand, Australia, Canada and the United States and Alan and his team have been instrumental in establishing and maintaining these.

The quality of the management information and reports that are provided to myself and the Board enable us to plan effectively and know exactly where we are heading, with no surprises.

In my role as COO, Alan provides an excellent sounding board for ideas and direction. He is easy to talk to and nothing seems like too much trouble. SIL have really helped me to delegate financial administration tasks and focus on the more strategic financial elements of our business.

Russell Brebner
Director and Chief Operating Officer
Datawest delivers high quality, well priced business voice telecommunications, hosted desktop services and network support to small-to-medium businesses and organisations in a variety of markets.

I first met Alan when he saw the value in our Netfone VOIP services and Solution Integration became a satisfied customer of ours.

As the relationship developed and we discussed business matters, I found Alan to be helpful and understandable.

Like many small-to-medium business owners we were so focused on providing excellent service to our clients that we weren’t doing our own business justice. We were drowning under IRD compliance and not getting the accurate management information needed to make sound business management decisions. Alan and his team have taken all this on board. As a result a significant benefit to Datawest has been the release of an additional 20% of management time per week which has resulted in the ability to focus on revenue generating activities rather than administration.

As well as comprehensively handling all day-to-day accounting, Solution Integration are providing us with vital management information that gives us an insight into how to maintain and grow our business and achieve our financial goals. While we had these figures before we were never sure if they were accurate. We now have greatly increased confidence in the results being delivered and can confidently use these to look forward and forecast to reduce surprises.

Dave Neilson
Managing Director
Datawest Limited

AS1 offers a carefully selected group of niche products covering custom robotic solutions, microbiological and biochemical applications as well as molecular biology tools. AS1 works closely with the clinical, food, environmental and research market sectors, representing international manufacturers of high quality, innovative, market leading products. Our team has a wealth of experience in the markets in which we support customers, including New Zealand, Australia and internationally.

AS1 out-sourced all day-to-day accounting responsibilities to Solution Integration in 2004. We do not maintain an in-house accounting team at all. Solution Integration are responsible for cashflow management, imports and exports, Customs, stock control, warehousing, distribution, foreign currency, New Zealand and Australian tax compliance, periodic and annual accounting compliance – actually, pretty much anything that is not sales related.

In my role I am in daily contact with Alan and the team at Solution Integration. They are fantastic to work with and I have total confidence in their ability and integrity.

Anna Wilson
Sales & Marketing Manager
AS1 Limited